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Foster Contract

DFW Furgotten Friend's Phone Number: (972) 415 - 5867

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  1. Foster animals are considered property of DFW’s FurGotten Friends. The foster animal may not be given away to another person, shelter or rescue organization or passed on to friends/family members.
  2. If unable to continue fostering, DFW’s FurGotten Friends must be given one-week notice to make appropriate arrangements.
  3. Medical decisions and expenses must be approved by DFW’s FurGotten Friends and provided by designated veterinarians. If possible try and contact DFW’s Furgotten Friends prior to after hour emergency care, in the event of not being able to reach someone, you may seek emergency care. This only applies to emergency situations. Reimbursement of vet expenses will require copies of bills.
  4. Foster parent will not normally be reimbursed for expenses such as toys and treats. Food can be supplied when requested. If you go out of town, please give us as much notice as possible so we can find a temporary foster and avoid incurring boarding costs.
  5. DFW’s FurGotten Friends will not typically be responsible for medical or other expenses incurred by the foster parent’s own pet while fostering for DFW’s FurGotten Friends.
  6. Foster dog must be an indoor dog, and kept safe at all times from the elements.
  7. Foster parent’s agree to bring the animal to adoption events whenever possible and agree to pick him/her up after the event unless other arrangements have been. Bringing the foster pet to events increases the chances for adoption.
  8. All adoptions require an adoption application, interview, home check (by foster parent or DFW’s FurGotten Friends representative), adoption contract and adoption donation in advance of the animal exchange. All adoptions must be approved by appropriate DFW’s FurGotten Friends representatives.
  9. If foster parent finds a potential adopter, be it a friend, family member, or colleague from work, the same process holds true as #9.
  10. Checks are payable to DFW Furgotten Friends. The adoption fee is $250 and will be considered a donation.
  11. Foster parent releases DFW’s FurGotten Friends, its officers, directors and volunteers from any claims, liabilities, or expenses for any damages incurred while fostering.

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